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Real people, real movies.. RECS

One of the most inspiring movies ever made.

'As it is in heaven' ('Såsom i himmelen')

Just.. see it, if u haven't.
It is undescribable. It feels so... real.

Kaj Pollack - swedish director and one of the most inspiring homosapiens still alive...

The movie of movies.. (bring tissues)

BDS - Riverdancing

Are ya'?

Finally - thank GOOOOOODZZZ!I am going.
Italy. May.

Anyone there... (Lago di Garda/Maggiore) or fucking anywhere around the clockz  at the time?? Rome? I'll be there.In colours.

I can wear teapot underwear and be sexual!squeeageable!TM

I'd totally meet up to dance 24/7

If it's good enough I may as well stay, forever.

Are you?

Sexy Stewie

...aaaaaand.. *drumroll* ...from Outer Space, bearing confetti:

Ye-haaaa!------------>> *OMG!yay-i-conquered photobucket!!!*

Zparkly F-list, I come bearing... sparkles!

*falls into exhausted procrastinating puddle for another 6 months*

edit: Uhm.. yeah.. well it *did* sparkle but now it doesn't, so I guess you can always pretend the sparkly sparkles of awesomeness that I thought I'd made. *snork*

edit 367: As is pwetty clear - I am oh-so-hitech. In case anyone doubted that.


at the office

omgwtf - writingz

A rambly-drabbly thingy, hitch-hiking through my head...

'Nothing And All Of It'

A new continent has been discovered. It has peaks and dungeons where it shouldn´t. I used to have some kind of map, but it isn´t valid, not these days; because, damnit -I keep taking the wrong paths and end up in the middle, disheveled and glorious, with nothing but skin between my palms, and it isn´t - isn´t supposed to corrupt me the way it does. But it does and I don´t even want it any other way. And your skin melt upon the altar of my skin and we become something new and glorious and I can´t help but wanting moremoremore of everything I haven´t yet had. Your tongue still tastes like silence and forbidden dreams but I keep asking entrance, I keep knocking on sacred walls pregnant with secrets – because I know somehow that beneath it all, or above it – it hides the taste of truth.

Viggo - the truth is veiled

My feet were finally swept away onto the road...

Oh GOD I did it! I watched The Road.
It´s 3am and I´m sniffly and utterly distroyed and I need to build a bunker in the garden.

Summary: All my fears laid bare on a plate in the grey dust and terrifying darkness of mankind ...and yet in the middle, protected; a grain of gold - because so beautiful, so fragile is the hope.

Viggo? His absolute presence will stay in my heart for-fucking-ever.


(Short)Movie-rec: "TOUCH"

"Touch" is of the severe tissue-usage!variety. (For wiping tears and not porny fluids.)
This short film made me cry like crazy yesterday. Its slow dreamy narrative along with the golden scenery is so painful; treating with the dark subject of an abducted and abused boy and its effects when he is confronted with the world and society once again.
Wonderful acting and directing. (director is Jeremy Podeswa = QaF, Six feet under, Nip/Tuck, L word, etc)
Rips your heart out, so bring tissues..

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